12 Interesting Facts of Kolkata Metro

12 Interesting Facts You Should Have Known About Kolkata Metro

The ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata, offers a variety of intriguing spots to the curious knower! Aside from all its recorded belonging, the most out-of-the-container is the Kolkata Metro Railway! It associates the city with the abutting regions of North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas in West Bengal. Yes, it is the underground railroad framework, which you can just go over in Delhi and Bangalore other than in Kolkata! You may ponder what’s so fascinating about the metro in Kolkata!

Here is a rundown of 12 of the most fascinating actualities about the Kolkata Metro, which you should know!

1.) The Oldest Metro in India!

It is the most established Metro Station in India which began its adventure in the year 1984! The establishment stone was laid by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the year 1972, while development began in the years 1973-74!

2.) Most Crowded among All!

The Kolkata Metro conveys near five lakh travelers day by day (an extreme arrangement for travelers)! (Travelers truth be told were prepared to pay higher ticket costs to feel open inside the trains!)

3.) Least expensive fare in the World!

Trust it or not, the most reduced fare for the five kilometer separation is Rs.5, the least anyplace on the planet! Rates have been modified from the ten kilometer separation until as of late!

4.) It is totally Air-Cooled!

The enormous underground framework is kept up via air-cooled ventilators and not aeration and cooling systems – so there are pockets which permit cool air to go through it making it exceptionally agreeable for individuals experiencing lung issue!

5.) It is the Spookiest!

This is for the secret significant others – the most extreme number of suicides happens in the Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station! Individuals have report to have seen specters after the last prepare having left the station! So you never know you may get an opportunity to experience you-comprehend what-I-mean around evening time!

6.) Ten Stations Are Named After Famous Bengali Personalities!

Named in the wake of towering Bengali flexibility warriors, these stations are – Girish Park (after theater identity Girish Ghosh), Jatin Das Park (after opportunity contender Jatin Das), Kavi Subhash, Kavi Nazrul (after the artist Kazi Nazrul Islam), Mahanayak Uttam Kumar (after Bengali star performing artist Uttam Kumar), Mahatma Gandhi Road (after Mahatma Gandhi), Masterda Surya Sen (after flexibility warrior Surya Sen), Netaji, Netaji Bhavan (after Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose), Shahid Khudiram (after opportunity contender Khudiram Bose).

7.) Speediest Mode of Transport in Kolkata!

The Metro will take you from the southernmost tip of the city toward the northernmost part inside of couple of minutes (who needs to remain for a considerable length of time in movement growls!). Better to get your way through by jumping on to one of the trains underground!

8.) Truly huge – What Calcutta Thinks Today, India Thinks Tomorrow

There is a platitude that large portions of you will have the capacity to perceive with, here goes – ‘What Calcutta thinks today, India thinks tomorrow’! After over two many years of the metro railroad serving the city, Delhi has got one and Mumbai is considering having one! Genuine saying to be sure!

9.) Different option for 6.2% Roads in Kolkata!

Roads, which assume us from one position to the next, spread just around 6.2% of the area surface in Kolkata. Subsequently, the metro was at first considered as an option transport framework to diminish the vehicle troubles of the city open which went ahead to end up the Kolkata metro

10.) Immaculate Place for Lovers!

It is underground, it is occupied and it is immense! Thus the metro is the ideal spot for significant others who need to locate a protected safe house for visiting and investing energy with each other (being gigantic down there, it is far-fetched that you’ll ever get found by any well known face!)

11.) Intermittent Air-Conditioned Rakes!

Presently this is dubious! You may ponder what’s intriguing in that! Be that as it may, on a hot summer day, inside the station, seeing an Air-Conditioned rake is similar to a sudden shower – it’s much more noteworthy fun isn’t it when it’s intermittent instead of dependably (makes you feel fortunate as well!)

12.) You’ll discover Its Presence in Movies More than Any Other Metro In India!

Movies in Kolkata quite often have its depiction on the silver screen yet even in Bollywood movies you get an impression – recollect the Vidya Balan starrer Kahaani! That celebrated scene of her being pushed on the railroad tracks is, well, the Rabindra Sarobar Station once more!

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