Kolkata Metro Rail Job Recruitment

Kolkata Metro Rail Recruitment/Jobs/Vacancy

Kolkata Metro welcomes people who sustain contrasting qualities at the workplace. Our attempts are thusly focused on keeping up and updating this contrasting working environment. It exhibits new perspectives and enables our family to organize better in general society eye.
Kolkata Metro a proportionate open carrer oportunities and hold quick to statutory and managerial measures. Our populist work society energizes varying qualities and measure up to situation. We don’t isolate on the reason of station, religious or political affiliation, sex, nationality, age, sexual presentation or powerlessness. There is one thing that unites our gigantic and cosmopolitan gathering – we revere what we do. We furthermore assume that various qualities give the earth to exceptional thought. At every movement of our agents’ occupations, we place assets into them by offering learning turnpikes, consequently extending their mastery to do the best.