Chandni Chowk Metro Station

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Chandni Chowk Metro Station Kolkata

Chandni Chowk Metro station of Kolkata Metro is a bustling hub for commuters traveling across the city. Situated on Blue Line Kolkata metro, this station was inaugurated in 1995 and has since been serving hundreds of thousands of passengers daily. The address of Chandni Chowk is 12, CR Avenue Road, located in the heart of Bowbazar, Esplanade, Chowringhee North and Bow Barracks areas in Kolkata. This strategic location allows for convenient accessibility to several prominent landmarks around the city. The scenic beauty surrounding this metro station is breathtaking and adds to its appeal as a popular tourist destination. With multiple entrances and exits connecting to various parts of the city, it serves as an important transit point that links different modes of transportation such as buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws making commuting more accessible than ever before!

Station CodeKCWC
Station NameChandni Chowk Metro Station
Station StructureUnderground, Double-track
Opened On34749
Operated ByKolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC)
Located onBlue Line Kolkata Metro
No. of Plateforms2
Previous Metro StationCentral kolkata metro Metro Station
Next Metro StationEsplanade Metro Station

Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata Route Map

The Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata Route Map is a comprehensive guide to the intricate network of metro routes that crisscross the bustling city of Kolkata. The map outlines all the key stations and intersections, allowing commuters to plan their journeys with ease and efficiency. From Dum Dum in the north to Kavi Subhash in the south, this map covers every major destination along Kolkata’s extensive metro network. Whether you’re looking for a quick way to get across town or simply exploring new parts of the city, this route map is an essential tool for anyone traveling through Kolkata by metro. So if you want to navigate your way around one of India’s most vibrant cities like a pro, make sure you have a copy of Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata Route Map at hand!

Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata Station Location Convenience

The location of the Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata station is undoubtedly one of its most convenient features. Situated in the heart of central Kolkata, it provides easy access to several significant landmarks and tourist destinations in the city. This metro station serves as an important transportation hub for both locals and tourists, enabling them to seamlessly travel across various parts of the city. Additionally, this location has several shops, restaurants, cafes, and other commercial establishments that cater to commuters’ needs during their journeys. The station’s proximity to popular tourist attractions such as Victoria Memorial Hall and St Paul’s Cathedral also adds to its charm. Overall, with its strategic location and accessibility advantages, Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata Station is a must-visit spot for anyone looking for a hassle-free commute experience in Kolkata.

Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata: Distance to Nearby Landmarks

  • Chandni Chowk metro station in Kolkata located at Central Avenue, Chandni Chowk, Bowbazar, the following are the approximate distances to some nearby landmarks:
  • Esplanade: Approximately 1.7 kilometers (1.1 miles) southeast of Chandni Chowk metro station.
  • Howrah Bridge: Approximately 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) south of Chandni Chowk metro station.
  • Park Street: Approximately 2.8 kilometers (1.7 miles) east of Chandni Chowk metro station.
  • Victoria Memorial: Approximately 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) southeast of Chandni Chowk metro station.
  • Indian Museum: Approximately 2.5 kilometers (1.6 miles) southeast of Chandni Chowk metro station.
  • Marble Palace: Approximately 2.7 kilometers (1.7 miles) north of Chandni Chowk Metro Station.

Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata: Restaurants Around it

If you’re looking to grab a bite to eat near Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata, you’re in luck. There are plenty of restaurants around the area that offer a variety of cuisines and dining experiences. For those seeking traditional Indian fare, head over to Bhojohori Manna or Kasturi Restaurant for an authentic taste of Bengali cuisine. If you’re in the mood for something spicy, make your way to China Town for some delicious Chinese food or try out The Orient – A Heritage Boutique Hotel’s rooftop restaurant which serves up a range of Asian fusion dishes. Those who prefer a more laid-back atmosphere can check out Cafe Coffee Day or Barista for their coffee fix along with light bites such as sandwiches and pastries. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner you crave there is no shortage of options when it comes to restaurants near Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata!

Facilities Available at Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata

Chandni Chowk Metro Station in Kolkata offers a variety of facilities to commuters. While there is no lift available, the station does have escalators that provide easy access for those who may have difficulty with stairs. CCTV cameras are also present throughout the station, ensuring security and safety for passengers. For disabled passengers, there is disabled access available which includes ramps and elevators at specific points within the station. However, parking can be an issue as there is no designated area for it. Unfortunately, vending machines and ATMs are not provided here but there are nearby shops where one can purchase refreshments or withdraw cash if needed. Overall Chandni Chowk Metro Station provides adequate facilities to make commuting safe and comfortable for its passengers while maintaining an efficient system of transportation throughout Kolkata.

Entry/Exit Gates on Chandni Chowk Metro

The Gates on Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata serve as a crucial point of entry and exit for thousands of commuters every day. These gates are strategically located at different points along the metro rail system, including key intersections and popular landmarks, to ensure easy access to public transportation for all.

Gate Opening towards
Gate 1 11, Chittaranjan Avenue, Chowringhee North, Bow Barracks, Kolkata, India
Gate 2 16, Chittaranjan Avenue, Chowringhee North, Bow Barracks, Kolkata, India
Gate 3 35, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Chandni Chawk, Bow Barracks, Kolkata, India 700072
Gate 4 33, Chittaranjan Avenue, Bowbazar, Kolkata, India 700012
Gate 5 30, Central Avenue, Chandni Chawk, Bowbazar, Kolkata, India 700012
Gate 6 29, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Chandni Chawk, Bowbazar, Kolkata, India 700012

Each gate is designed with state-of-the-art technology and modern amenities to enhance commuter safety and comfort. From CCTV surveillance cameras to escalators, lifts, and ticketing counters, these gates provide an efficient and hassle-free way to travel across the city. The entrance gates offer passengers with quick access through automated ticket barriers while the exit gates feature automatic fare collection machines that allow easy payment processing.
Additionally, each gate is manned by trained security personnel who oversee passenger flow during peak hours or in case of any emergency situations making sure everyone leaves safely without hindrance or delay. Overall, these Gates on Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata are essential infrastructure components that help improve connectivity between various parts of the city while providing a seamless commuting experience for its residents and visitors alike.



Chandni Chowk Metro Kolkata Bus Route Number

Bus route number 3B, 30C, 47B, 78, 214, 214A, 237, 242, S139 (Mini), S160 (Mini), S161 (Mini), E25, S9A, S10, S10A, S11, S15G, S17A, AC20, AC39 etc. serve the station.

Dum Dum metro Station Kolkata: Restaurants Around it

If you are looking for some delicious food after a long day of exploring Kolkata, then the restaurants near Dum Dum metro Station Kolkata are definitely worth checking out. The area around this station is bustling with eateries that cater to all kinds of tastes and preferences. You can find everything from local street food to international cuisine here. Some popular options include Biryani House, which serves up mouth-watering biryanis, kebabs and curries; KFC for those who crave fast food; Subway for sandwiches and salads; and Pind Balluchi for Punjabi dishes. There are also plenty of vegetarian-friendly options such as Anandamela Vegetarian Restaurant and Veggie Hub Kitchen. Additionally, you can enjoy some sweet treats at Cream & Fudge Factory or head over to Coffee Republic for a refreshing cup of coffee or tea. Whatever your preference may be, these restaurants will surely satisfy your hunger cravings!

Frequently asked questions about Chandni Chowk Metro Station Kolkata

Q1. On which line Chandni Chowk metro Station Kolkata is located?

Answer: Chandni Chowk metro Station is located on Yellow Line.

Q2. How many gates are available on Chandni Chowk metro Station?

Answer: Chandni Chowk metro Station Kolkata has 6 gates

Q3. Is Parking Available On Chandni Chowk Metro Station Kolkata?

Answer: No there are no parking facilities at Chandni Chowk Metro Station Kolkata.

Q4. What is Pincode of Chandni Chowk Metro Station Kolkata?

Answer: Pincode Of Chandni Chowk Metro Station Kolkata is 700013.