1.Revised Zones and Fares:

Below we update the fare charges of as single token journey of the kolkata Metro according to the respective zone which effective from 07/11/13.

Existing MMR( Minimum Multi Ride), GMR( General Multi Ride), LMR(Limited Multi Ride) and EMR( Extended Multi Ride) has effected from 07/11/13.

Zone Distance (KM) Fare ()
I 0 – 5 5.00
II > 5 – 10 10.00
III > 10 – 15 15.00
IV > 15 – 20 15.00
V > 20 – 25 20.00
VI > 25 – 30 25.00

2. New Tourist Smart Cards might be presented w.e.f. 07.11.2013. Kind of Tourist Smart Card and points of interest thereof are as under:

Only one type of Smart Card (General Smart Card) shall be available in the system /.Recharge Value of the Smart Card () Ride Value ()
100 110
200 220
300 330
500 550
1000 1100

New Tourist Smart Cards shall be introduced w.e.f. 07.11.2013.  Type of Tourist Smart Card and details thereof are as under:

Types of Tourist Smart Card Cost of Smart Card () Security Deposit (refundable) () No. of rides permitted
Tourist Smart

Card – I

250.00 60.00 Unlimited rides in one day
Tourist Smart

Card – II

550.00 60.00 Unlimited rides in three days

3. Journey should be allowed with the current Store Value Smart Cards according to the amended passage, w.e.f. 07.11.2013.

4. The base parity in a Smart Card might be₹25.00i.e. the most extreme passage for a solitary journey with new charges on Metro Railway, Kolkata.

5. No General Multi Ride Card will be in presence with the presentation of new charge structure aside from Student Smart Card.

6. Understudy Card holders will appreciate the remaining rides not surprisingly, till weariness of the rides due. Further reviving will be done according to the new passage structure with concession @ 60%, according to Railway Board’s current arrangement.

7. Issue of new Student Smart Cards will be finished with the current concession of 60% according to the accompanying table, notwithstanding the Security Deposit sum of₹60.00.

Sl. No. Zones Distance


Amount to be paid for MST (40 rides)


Amount to be paid for QST (80 rides)


1 I 0-5 80.00 160.00
2 II > 5-10 160.00 320.00
3 III > 10-15 240.00 480.00
4 IV > 15-20 240.00 480.00
5 V > 20-25 320.00 640.00
6 VI > 25-30 400.00 800.00

8. As respects to RTC Card (issued to Hon’ble MLAs/MLCs), the holders should appreciate the remaining worth on their Cards on reexamined charge. On utilization of amount, it will be further energized according to the new fare structure.

9. The fare charges of every trip will be the same for Tokens and for Smart Cards.

10. A 10% reward on level rate might be took into account issuing and reviving of General Smart Cards.

11. Existing General Smart Card holders might have the capacity to revive their Cards @₹100.00,₹200.00,₹300.00,₹500.00 and₹1000.00 up to a most extreme card equalization of₹5000.00 on every Smart Card. Every such card should stay valid for 365 days from the date of procurement or energize.

12. Refund on all kind of cards will be made according to the framework in vogue.