Do’s and Don’ts in Kolkata Metro Rail

do's and don'ts in kolkata metro rail

Click Here to Know the things which are allow and not allow inside the Kolkata metro rail.
Do’s In Metro Rail

  • At metro Station, don’t be in hurry. Always remain in queue.
  • Limit your luggage to 15 kgs. Not surpassing 60 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm in size.
  • Keep your station clean. Always use Dustbins.
  • While moving on escalators, always stand on left half of elevators and while moving go in right.
  • After using escalators at station, move away from it. Don’t be in hurry to move on escalators.
  • Always remember that train stops for 30 seconds only at one metro station. After 30 Seconds it automatically gets closed.

Don’t In Metro Rail

  • Do not take eatables inside the metro station premises
  • Do not bring your pets in stations.
  • Do not smoke at the station.
  • Do not go without your token (i.e. Metro Ticket)
  • Do not illegally cross the automatic ticket barrier.
  • Do not use your card for other persons
  • Do not cross the yellow line at the Station
  • Do not go onto the Metro tracks
  • Do not go on the train’s top
  • Do not attempt to open the doors.
  • Do not damage the station property.

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